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"How to get a YES from Casting Directors?" (FREE TRAINING)

Improvisation, Mise en scène- Théâtre, Cinéma, Casting, Face caméra, Développement personnel
Étudiant (écoles sup. artistiques ou techniques), Professionnel (métiers artistiques et non-artistiques), Enfant / Ado

You are an actor.⁣

You’ve wanted this for so long. 

You love to feel free when you act, but are still busy trying to avoid making mistakes thinking there is a right way to do a scene… deep down you know that something is stopping you.

Something is getting in your way of accessing your full potential.⁣

And that is exactly what I will help you discover in my limited-time free training.⁣, and radical coaching approach to help actors liberate their instrument from resistance.⁣

I’ve found that once you work through the blocks, you can unleash your natural instincts and JUST BE instead of act.⁣

When you do this simple work, everything feels easy and effortless.⁣

And that is exactly what I will help you discover in my limited time free training.⁣

In it, we are going to uncover how to:⁣

- Prevent you from feeling not good enough when you audition or are on set. ⁣

- Avoid the TOP 3 mistakes actors make about their instinct & WHY it’s costing YOU ALL your freedom and bookings. ⁣

- "Reset" to unleash your natural instinct + always get in the ZONE, EVEN in stressful audition rooms & on difficult sets.⁣

Are you ready to be an artist that casting can’t say no to?⁣

Get signed up for The Instinctive Actor free training today.

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To be or not to act (click here to access the free online training), 2947 bte 90016
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Du 11/10/2021 au 10/10/2022
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Jo Kelly

I am Jo Kelly, and I am here to help you awaken and shake your infinite & unique talent.

The first thing you should know about me, is that I am not an acting teacher but a coach. I do not believe you can be taught how to act but you can be reminded how to BE and you can muscle that - like any pro-. 
When I started acting, I realized I had potential (like everybody else) but I had apparently a strong resistance to tap into it. And I was not alone. It seemed like 99% of the actors I knew had the same problem... And all the acting classes I took were avoiding the question by feeding me mathematical approaches, techniques and "foolproof" success recipes. 

So I decided to research the matter of the instinct and eventually, I succeeded to reset my instrument to it's original state: FREEDOM & AUTHENTICITY. As soon as I did, I got immediate work and success.

This was so exciting to me that I immediately decided to share this with other actors, and as I started coaching them, I witnessed mind-blowing results.

What I did was this:  I addressed their inner blocks and I helped them muscle up their very unique instincts. More on that here below in the philosophy section.

For more than 20 years now, I have coached a lot of actors -whom I prefer to refer to as artists, athletes, awarded or not-,  to shift from doubt to commitment and  fear to passion. Helping them enjoy truth & freedom during their auditions, plays, TV shows and lead roles in movies. Check out the testimonials.

For the last 20 years, I have also coached individuals to align with their true & higher self and corporate managers to dissolve fear, build confidence, present, resolve conflict, manage, sell, reach their goals and create a happier life in general. More on corporate.

You should also know that, I believe in remaining professionally active so parallel to my coaching practice, I direct theatre, documentary and film and I have had the chance of receiving several awards both in acting and directing. ( I do not act anymore though)

As for my education, I have an MBA in business & human resource management and attended performance schools in Brussels, Paris, Madrid and the US. 

On a side note, I am half Belgian, half Irish... And I have lived and still coach in Brussels, Paris, Zurich, Madrid and I currently live in Los Angeles with my husband and our 2 kids Elvis & Tyger.